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Hello! And Welcome to Get Right! This website was launched to provide video game fanatics with all the needed information on each game they preferred, whether it’s for a PC game, PS3, Xbox or any other types, we are here to provide game reviews before you purchase, cheat codes if there are any, walk through and all other available information that you are looking for. We have also provided a site feature that will allow visitors to become a site forum member and provide more external links and information that the website visitor are looking such as added game add-ons and personalized changes that can be applied on the game preferably those on PC games.

Meet the Site Owner

Website Founder, Alex Jamison

Website Founder, Alex Jamison

Get Right Arcade was founded by Alex Jamison, a guy from San Francisco, who have worked as a programmer and app developer then turned into a video game geek who preferred to work on apps and games that he loves to worked on as he believes that this is not a job but more of a passion and profession. With Alex experience in the world wide web visiting and surfing different forums that allows him to interact with different gamers online hearing their concerns and suggestions, he ended up recruiting active forum administrators and founded this site to provide and serve as a top resources that will cope with the needs of the gamers and developers like him.

This website will be reaching all the type of gamers including those with zero knowledge in the game, those that are intermediately knowledgeable and of course those who have already gained advanced knowledge plus the real game creators themselves are also welcome.

With all those said, We are inviting everyone to continuously visit this site, participate in online discussions and share our thoughts. You may also reach us directly on our contact details here.